The 2015 TOMSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on Friday 24 July  at the Forever Hotel @Centurion, Pretoria.

TOMSA Board Chairman's Message to 2015 AGM

2014 was a challenging year for TOMSA – for a number of reasons. For starters, our levy collector base was less than buoyant. This is despite, our best efforts to promote levy collection amongst our peers across all sectors, having incentives in place to encourage trade support for levy collection and collaborating with various associations to bolster support for TOMSA.

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SA Tourism Board Chairman's Message to TOMSA AGM 2015

TOURISM has taken its place, and taken it with pride, as one of South Africa’s flagship economic sectors. This industry, that hardly existed at all two short decades ago, now accounts for about eleven percent of all South African jobs; contributes more than four percent to our gross domestic product; attracts increasing foreign investment into the country; and has seen literally hundreds of small business emerge and flourish.

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TBCSA CEO's Report for TOMSA (Q&A)

From an industry perspective, like any other year, 2014 started well with a lot of excitement in the air – more so because of the 20th anniversary of the advent of our democracy in South Africa.  Excitement in terms of wanting to review what we have achieved as a sector over the past twenty years 20 years.

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