DomesticTourism Survey Findings

Findings from the StatsSA Domestic Tourism survey released in the week reveal a number of interesting statistics and trends for domestic tourism in 2016. In Q1 and Q2 of 2016, the number of domestic day trips taken was almost identical at 3.8 million trips. For overnight trips taken, there were 6.6 million in Q1 and 5.4 million in Q2 respectively.

More key findings from the report include:  

  • The main destination for day and overnight trips was Gauteng in Q1 and Limpopo in Q2
  • In both quarters, day and overnight travellers spent most of their money on shopping, domestic transport, food and beverages
  • Cars and taxis were the most used modes of transport for day and overnight travellers
  • Staying with relatives and friends was used by most tourists as a main form of accommodation; followed by holiday homes, hotels and self-catering establishments.

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