IHG Trends report

Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) recently launched their 2017 Trends Report, titled The Uncompromising Customer: Addressing the Pardoxes of the ‘Age of I.’ The report highlights the nature of today’s customers who increasingly expect brands to deliver experiences that satisfy their needs.

The report identifies four rather contradictory key themes that are driving the decisions hotel customers make in a landscape changing through advances in technology:

Separate yet connected
Customers are seeking a constant belonging with people, brands and places, while also seeking individuality and being unique

Abundant rarity
Customers are looking for luxuries to be both scarce and readily available

A better ‘me’ is a better ‘we’
Customers are seeking personal self-improvement, while seeking public, civic and global improvement.

Do it myself and do it for me in my way
Customer seek to be in control, while not being the controller.

IHG also identifies six best practices through which brands can create experiences that strengthen customer relationships and grow brand loyalty. Click here for more