World Malaria Day


Themed ‘Closing the Prevention Gap,’ the World Health Organisation (WHO) celebrates World Malaria Day tomorrow, 25th April. And yes, there is much to applaud as new malaria cases have dropped by 21% between 2010 and 2015 worldwide. Also, malaria death rates fell by 29% in the same period. It is these feel good messages we need to share with the world!

It is a fact that many tourists (international and domestic) decide against visiting South Africa - or parts of it - during the summer months when it is clearly the best time to do so! Perhaps the fear perception is warranted as 13 mainly sub-Saharan Africa countries accounted for 76% of all malaria cases and 75% of deaths globally in 2015. Also, reported cases from earlier this year of malaria spreading into areas of Northern Gauteng will not help the cause either. But the truth is, it’s not that bad and it is up to us to promote our businesses and destination by showing that we understand malaria and are working to close the prevention gap!

It’s time for YOU to create more awareness about malaria and demonstrate that your business understands malaria and is fighting the cause. Click HERE to Visit the WHO Malaria web portal where you will find the following and more to help you spread the word:

  • Key messages for World Malaria Day 2017
  • 2017 World Malaria Day brochure
  • Fact sheets on malaria
  • A quiz to test your knowledge on malaria prevention