SA Tourism sets goal to attract 5 million additional tourists by 2021

Along with members of the Board, we attended SA Tourism’s Annual Performance and Strategic Planning session on Monday 23 January, where they presented their Board approved 2017-2022 draft Strategy. Members were pleased to hear the optimism from SA Tourism as they unpacked their Tourism Growth Strategy, spearheaded by the overarching goal of attracting five million additional tourists within the next five years (the ‘5 in 5’ goal). 

The strategy considers the bigger contribution the travel and tourism industry can make to the economy within the next five years and beyond. It also focusses on how tourism can contribute more meaningfully to reducing poverty and inequality; levelling the economic playing field and ensuring that the National Development Plan (NPD) goals are achieved.

To complement the ‘5 in 5’ goal will be the equally important objective of encouraging more South Africans to travel for leisure and explore their country. This will be achieved through a number of marketing initiatives, one being the ‘I am Tourism’ campaign. This exciting campaign will encourage all South Africans to be tourism ambassadors and form part in ‘selling’ the destination.

As per the MOU, TBCSA Board members are in the process of submitting their input into the 2017-2022 Plan before it is approved. We will keep you updated on this process.